Graffica Privacy Policy

Diamond Edge Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) shall properly handle personal information of the users obtained through the application software, “Graffica” provided by the Company and derived application software bearing the name of “Graffica” (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Application”) in accordance with the following provisions. If there is any conflict or discrepancy between the Japanese text of the Privacy Policy and any other language thereof, the Japanese text shall prevail.

Chapter 1 Definition of Personal Information

  1. 1. What is Personal Information?
    Personal information is the information about an individual user, which can identify the particular individual user by name, address, telephone number, sex, age, date of birth, e-mail address and any other descriptions contained in the information. Personal information also includes the information only by which the particular individual user cannot be identified, but can be readily referenced to other information and the particular individual user can be consequently identified.
  2. 2. Personal Information not subject to Privacy Policy
    1. 1. The Company shall not be liable for obtaining the personal information and management thereafter even if the Company obtained personal information according to any of the following events.

      1. [1] If a user, directly or through the Application, disclosed, furnished, input or registered, etc., personal information which is not requested by the Company to disclose, furnish, input or register, etc., to the Company.
      2. [2] If the individual was accidentally identified by the information, etc., input and registered by the user in the process of using the Application.
    2. 2. The Company shall not assume any association with use of personal information obtained by a third party on the website and services, etc., operated by a third party accessible through the Application. Therefore, please confirm the respective terms of use and privacy policy for handling personal information on the website and services, etc., other than the Application.

Chapter 2 Purpose of Use and Obtaining of Personal Information

  1. 3. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

    The Company may use the personal information obtained from users through the Application for the following purposes.

    1. [1] To conduct individual authentication and billing of fees, etc., required in connection with provision of the Application.
    2. [2] To answer and respond to, etc., inquiries to the Company from users.
    3. [3] To give notice to users of information and invitation, etc., of the Application.
    4. [4] To distribute to users information, including mail magazines, etc.
    5. [5] To notify users of the products, services, prizes or advertisements, etc., of the Company and other companies.
    6. [6] To send questionnaires to users and make analyses for the purpose of modification or improvement, etc., of functions of the Application.
    7. [7] To accept application for various contests, questionnaires, campaigns, etc., held through the Application and notify and send goods, etc., to the winners.
    8. [8] To prevent unauthorized use of the Application.
    9. [9] For users to use the Application smoothly.
    10. [10] To exercise the rights and obligations under the general terms of use and the laws.
    11. [11] For preparation, use and disclosure, etc., of statistical data to the extent that individuals are not identified.
    12. [12] To carry on businesses incidental to each of the items above.
  2. 4. Obtaining Personal Information
    The Company may request a user directly or through the Application to furnish, input or register, etc., e-mail address, telephone number, sex, date of birth, area of residence and any other personal information of the user if the Company deems it necessary for the above purpose of use. The information obtained by the Company in this event shall also be properly handled under the Privacy Policy.
  3. 5. Obtaining and Use of Position Information and Equipment Information
    The Company may use the position information transmitted from the mobile terminal of a user in the part of functions of the Application. In addition, the Company may obtain the equipment information (OS, individual recognition information, etc.) of the mobile terminal of a user. Such position information and equipment information shall be used for providing, etc., the functions of the Application which requires the information.

Chapter 3 Furnishing of Personal Information to Third Parties

  1. 6. Furnishing of Personal Information to Third Parties

    The Company shall not furnish personal information to any third party without the prior consent of the user, except in the event of any of the following and “7. Consignment of Personal Information.”

    1. [1] Under the laws and regulations
    2. [2] Where it is necessary for protecting the life, body or property of a person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person subject to personal information.
    3. [3] If it is necessary for the Company to cooperate in the performance of clerical affairs required by laws and regulations by national agencies or municipalities or the person consigned thereby.
    4. [4] If the Company received referral with cause by such public agencies as courts, prosecutor’s offices, police, bar associations or consumer centers, etc.
    5. [5] Where it is disclosed to the successor of business in succession of the Company business by merger, transfer of business and any other reasons.
    6. [6] If the consent of the user to furnishing personal information to a third party is obtained (including the case where the user him/herself requested to furnish the personal information to a third party).
  2. 7. Consignment of Personal Information
    The Company may consign to, or enter into business alliance with a third party for personal information handling operations or processing of personal information, etc., after executing the confidentiality agreement. In such an event, the Company shall manage and supervise handling of personal information by the consignee or business alliance partner.

Chapter 4 Management of Personal Information

  1. 8. Proper Management of Personal Information
    1. 1. The Company shall properly and carefully handle the personal information obtained and shall pay the utmost attention and take necessary and appropriate safety measures in order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration and leakage, etc., of personal information. If any accident should occur, the Company shall promptly arrange the organization to minimize damage and take corrective measures for prevention of recurrence.
    2. 2. The Company shall cause all the officers and employees of the Company to comply with the Privacy Policy. The Company shall also provide necessary and appropriate education and supervision from time to time.
  2. 9. Disclosure, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information
    A user may request to disclose, correct, add, delete and suspend furnishing to third parties, etc., the personal information furnished by the user to the Company directly or through the Application. If the Company received such a request, the Company shall respond to this request within a reasonable period of time after confirming that the user is the person who furnished the personal information to the Company; provided, however, that if the user can correct, add and delete, etc., the personal information by using the editing function of the Application, the user shall correct, add and delete, etc., the personal information using the editing function.
  3. 10. Change of Privacy Policy
    The Company may change in the future the Privacy Policy from time to time at its discretion without prior notice to users. In such an event, the content of change shall be published on the webpage.
  4. 11. Contact of Inquiries about Privacy Policy

    Contact for inquiries about the Privacy Policy of the Company shall be as follows.

    Diamond Edge Ltd.: Person responsible for Management of Personal Information
    Mail address:

Established: 19th September, 2013