Photo Editing Functions

Graffica allows you to flip an image horizontally and vertically, delete selected areas, trim an image by ratios or shapes, add filters and effects to your images (exposure, brightness, contrast, hue, brightness) and copy an image.


You can decorate photos with stamps designed by popular illustrators. Graffica also allows you to create your own stamps from your images and use these to decorate your photos. You can purchase official Graffica stamp packs from the built-in shop, which is updated with new stamp packs regularly.

Artist: Cook

A graffiti artist based in Osaka, Japan. As a club DJ, he became obsessed with graffiti after seeing it at a reggae club. It was difficult to get information about graffiti art at this time in Japan, and the population of graffiti artists in Japan was very small. To add to his education, he had to travel to other countries, visiting places like Los Angeles, U.S.A. and teach himself about graffiti. He soon joined a graffiti crew in Osaka called CMK. He has done work for clothing brands such as Ciaopanic, XLARGE and Stussy. He has worked with Shing02, DJ Sarasa, NG Head and Armstrong. In 2011, he did graffiti for the movie Evangelion. His work is highly praised throughout the world.

Artist: Mizyuro

A graffiti artist based in Osaka, Japan. He was born in Okayama, Japan in 1980. When he was young, he enjoyed painting and playing football. Around 1998, his friends helped encourage him to use spray-paint. He soon fell in love with graffiti and felt there was enormous potential in this art form. He became deeply interest in Brazil and Brazilian graffiti after seeing the movie “GINGA” in 2005, and soon visited the country. He refined his art there in the city of San Paulo, and upon returning to Japan, joined the graffiti crew SUSTO”S, which helps connect the graffiti scenes of San Paulo and Osaka.

Artist: Murasaki

Mursaki is a Japanese illustrator who fashions his style depending on the theme of his project. He uses many different styles, such as realistic portraiture, pop characters, and humorous parodies. His colorful and detailed illustrations have been influenced by animation, American comics, graffiti, Balinese art, and others. He became one of the worlds most well known artist in the Reggae scene after he designed CD covers for VP Records, which is one of the world’s biggest record labels (2001, 2002 and 2008), and logos of Yokohama Reggae Sai, which is Mighty Crown’s annual music event (2003 and 2004). He is also the official designer of Mighty Jam Rock, the most popular reggae group in Osaka, and a supervisor for their clothing brand, Mural, which uses a lot of his illustrations in its designs. His art work has been well supported by many musicians and music fans. If you decorate a photo with his stamps and share it on SNS, make sure to put the hashtag #studiomurasaki

Artist: Samon

Samon has been working as a tattoo artist for more than 10 years. He came into contact with tattoo artwork during primary school, and right away felt a love with this type of artistic expression. Although he started by getting tattoos on his own body, he soon migrated to wanting to do the work himself. He learned the trade at a local tattoo parlor in Osaka, Japan. He soon became engrossed in the tattoo world and has participated in tattoo conventions all over the world. He specializes in traditional Japanese tattoos, but has shown his prowess in many diverse genres.

Layer Palette

You can edit your images using layers. By working on one layer, you will not affect the other layers of your image. Graffica allows three different kinds of layers; photo, stamp and text. You can rearrange the order of the layers by dragging a layer button and dropping it into its new location.

Once you drag the layer button out of the palette box, a red arrow will appear in the palette to show you where the new location would be. Once you let go of the layer button, it will move into the new location indicated by the red arrow.

Save & Share

★You can save an edited image to your camera roll. You can post the image to Facebook, Twitter and other apps.

★You can save a session, enabling you to come back and work on it at any time.

★An edited image can also be saved as your own personal stamp, which you can use when editing your images in the future.

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